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4Kids Treehouse


Contains sections devoted to entertainment, a playroom, projects, reading, science, and social studies. Site is both entertaining and educational with interactive games and readings.

1996 Olympic Games Side


Contains Olympic trivia for children, news, event schedule, and general Olympic history and entertaining information. Also features Izzy, an animated host, and his friends and family to guide you through the site.

AHA! Kids Network


Created by Al Hyslop, the producer of Captain Kangaroo, Sesame Street and 3-2-1 Contact, this site is an interactive playground for kids of all ages. Contains cute graphics, video, and songs. Features an entertaining section for children 2-5, mysteries for ages 6-12, science for ages 5-12, and a section for teenagers.

Awesome Site for All Ages


Present witty ClickToons, cartoons for all ages, illustrated children's stories online, and children's jokes. Also allows for the making of customised greeting cards online. Does offer areas for 15-95 year olds.

BigKid Network


Entertaining site containing sections about museums, science, sports, zoos, aquariums, cities and countries, and amusement parks. Also has a fun and games section.

Child Prodigies


A publication designed to help motivate children to write. Features children's submitted writings up to age 16.

Children Page


Web site for children containing many links to other children's Web sites around the world.

Children's Pages at WombatNet


Contains links to Web sites for children about animals, dinosaurs, High Schools, libraries, hobbies, magazines, museums, news, space, toys, and travel.

Children's Stories, Poems and Pictures


Contains stories, pictures, sound, and poems. Also features many links to other children's sites.

Childrens Internet Site, Upstate SC


For kids, by kids, about kids. Lets kids submit Web art and lets them speak up on the Internet about whatever topics they find important to them. Contains art art by kids and other kids' homepages.

Colgate Kid's World


Site contains information about cavity prevention, games stories, a coloring book, interesting information and pictures from around the world.

Cyberhaunts for Kids


Site contains links for children of all ages to visit. Features itemized link categories on space, sound, literature, general children's pages, sports, communications, art, computer, science fun, music, misc., animals, and games. Great location to start when browsing the Internet.

Cynthia and Winston's Kids' Page


Features stories by and for children. Also contains many science and reading links appropriate for children to use in learning more about their world.

Flitter Adventure Land


Web site for children to play and enjoy themselves at. Contains stories, games, and mazes. Site is both fun and educational and a good place to start young children exploring the Internet on.

Free Kids Page


Children's Web site devoted to the entertaining and education of young children. Contains comics, puzzles, educational software, science information and experiments, an education section, and an area for preschoolers. Also contains links to other children's Web sites.



Web site devoted to children. Contains games, educational areas, comics, e-pal areas, chat areas, and a home page creator for children ages 9-15.



Site developed for young adults (ages 11-18) to provide helpful information in their career decisions. Featuring actual career stories FutureScan attempts to help teens in choosing an appealing career to pursue. Though set up for teens, this Web site welcomes anyone that may be curious or interested in a different career.

Girl Talk


Web site where teen age girls can get together and discuss topics relevant to their lives. Features topics on friends, computers, school, pen pals, sexuality, sex, siblings, relationships, and parents. Site is an alternative place where adolescent girls can discuss teen-related issues with others in similar situations.

Global Show-n-Tell Museum Wings


Site allows for children to submit their accomplishments or projects to "show and tell" about them. Promotes pride and self esteem within children while developing communication skills. Also includes links to other children-related sites.

Horse Country


Web site for young people interested in horses. Contains information and links to various horse associations, equestrian news and events, the Junior Riders Mailing List, Horse Owners Club For Kids, and the Junior Riders International Pen Pal List. Entertaining site for riders of all ages and skill levels.

I Spy


Online children's game that helps to develop pattern recognition and cognitive skills. Contains several different games that help with geology, mathematics, and general enterainment.

Info Guide - For Kids Only


Web site containing numerous links around the world devoted solely to children. These sites vary from educational to entertaining.

Interesting Places for Kids


Selected as a "4-Star" site by the McKinley Group, this site contains many entertaining and educational topics for children. Contains sections on getting around the Internet, art and literature, music, museums, science and math, toys and games, movies, and arts and crafts. Also features a collection of art, writing, and other interesting things submitted by children.

Internet for Kids


Produced by educational consultants, this is the companion site to the book Internet for Kids. Contains gophers, activities, mailing lists and other information to assist children in their search on the Internet.

Jackson's Page for Five Year Olds


Site developed for preschool children. Contains activities and games to help with cognitive and recognition skills. Features fun pictures and coloring books along with some adventures of another five year old.

Katie's Workshop


Site developed by a five year old containing links to other children's sites. Also features sections on Barbie, Power Rangers, and paper dolls.

Kay's Kid's Collection


Contains a story book, picture page, and a funny page. Has links to sites devoted to crafts, Disney, games, girl guides and Brownies, family and friend pages, pictures, science and history, television, and other fun children's sites.

KID List


Over 100 links to children's sites that are not religious, commercial or political.

Kid's Web


A World Wide Web Digital Library for school children. Contains information in the categories of art, science, social studies, miscellaneous, and other digital libraries. Within each heading, features several specific subcategories to ease searching.

Kid's Window


A Web site in English developed to educate children about Japan and it's culture. Contains pictures, a dictionary, and stories.

Kid's Zone


Educational Web site containing areas for children, parents, and teachers. Contains games and stories to help children learn fundamental skills.



Kids can leap with Webbie, an animated frog, from site to site. Contains an index of kids' sites, activities, books, cartoons, educational information, games, and other topics related to children.



Site created by an Elementary School in New Jersey. Features numerous links to entertaining and educational sites appropriate for children. Gives good descriptions of individual sites to assist in searching.

Kids Club


Site for children containing online chat, games, stories, and links to other children's sites.

Kids Hits


Contains a large alphabetical listing of sites designed especially for children. Also provides a good description of each site.

Kids on Campus


Site developed for children. Contains sections about planets and space, dinosaur and science museum exhibits, disasters (earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes) weather, butterfly pictures, and many other exciting areas for children to explore and learn.

Kids on the Web


Contains valuable information for children and their parents to read before youngsters cruise the Web. Also features links to educational sites, games, and children's books.

Kids World 2000


Contains hundreds of children's links around the world for children to explore. Primarily educational and entertaining these are divided into museums, science, sports, fun and games, zoos and aquariums, cities and countries, amusement parks, and government and politics. Also features other interesting sites and a mystery site of the week.

The Kids' Place


Children's Web site containing a pen pal section, interactive area, children's homepages, online adventures, puzzles and games, fish and marine animal section, and space and astronomy area. Site is a fun and safe place for children of all ages to explore and learn.

Kids' WB


Web site of the Warner Brother's. This site contains information about many of the most popular cartoons produced by Warner Brother's. Also features sound and video clips, character descriptions and voice biographies.

Kids' Web


Site developed for children. Contains stories and activities, links organized by topic, software recommendations, children's art gallery, and access to ComputED Gazette (a quarterly newsletter devoted to computer education.)

KidsCom Home Page


A children's Web site for ages 4-15. Presents versions in English, French, Spanish, and Dutch. Entertaining site that contains projects, games, jokes and resources.



Site contains interactive articles about children's healthcare, medicine, surgery, and parenting. There are fun games, Kids Vote health polls, and Nemours media guide.



Site developed for children learn computer skills. This is accomplished through games, activities, stories. Also features areas on software, art, books, puzzles, travel and kitchen.



Contains links to children's sites. Features lengthy descriptions about each site and it's offerings.



Contains hundreds of links to sites appropriate for children of all ages. Also features kid's homepages, a survey, and areas divided for different age groups.

Knowledge Adventure


A safe and exciting 3D world for kids. It features educational games, a monthly scavenger hunt with prizes, a complete reference library, and more!

LEGO Group


The official LEGO universe: products, services, Legoland, company history, and recent press releases.



Site contains many children's links and descriptions to assist the young "surfer." Also features areas for parents that addresses Web safety and offers links to the top Internet security software.

Maddy Mayhem's Kid's Stuff!


Lots of fun kid's links. A safe Web site for children. Links to penpal connections, fun sites, and more.

MBG Network


Educational site that has areas for children, schools, and parents. Features pictures and videos of and about the environment. Also offers activities on-line and projects that can be done at home.

MCA Home Entertainment Playroom


A safe, fun, and creative place for children of all ages to come and enjoy themselves. Features stories and games that will excite and amuse children.

Munchkin Lady


Contains adventures, cartoons, and coloring books. Also features links to many popular children's sites.

NFL Kids


Site geared for children that contains NFL profiles, statistics, news, and trivia. Also contains a searchable database, index, calendar, and shop.

Nicky's Kid Links


This is a place suitable for kids of all ages. Contains different educational material and links to children's sites including NASA and online magazines.

Nucleus Kids' Page


Contains many links to sites for children. Site provides sub-categories of education, reading material, places to visit, things to do, movies for kids, TV on the net, music, toys, kid's work on the Web, penpals, a variety of links for fun and education, products, and links for parents.

Oasis * Here and There * Kids Corner


Web site for children that contains entertaining games, a picture puzzle, an art gallery, an interactive story, and links to other children's sites.

Palos Verdes Kid's Corner


Site developed for kids by kids. Allows for submission of ideas, art, drawings, jokes and stories. Permits online viewing of submissions from other children.

Pasadena Kid's Pages


Contains a daily calendar of events for children for the Pasadena, California and surrounding suburbs.

Patricia's Kids' Links


Contains links to many sites appropriate for children.

Planet Blortland


Visit the Planet Blortland, an underwater adventure for children. While there, children can take a guided tour, solve a mystery, win prizes, and meet an Epal!

Platypus Family Playroom


A Web site for children that offers both English and Spanish versions. Contains self-reading short stories, singing songs in harmony, interactive activities, a maze of the week, map quizzes, and different family activities.



Site for kids of all ages. Contains links to sites about animals, education, games, homepages, literature, toys, and visual graphics.

Rachel's Kids Page


Home page of Rachel, a four year old, site contains children software and links that will entertain any preschooler.

REACH Summer Science Camp


Site contains exciting science projects and experiments for children grades 4-9 and teachers. Also features links to other science Web sites designed for children.

Reference links


Site designed and ran by children that contains reference links about general history, news, weather, and children's sites. Also features a children picture gallery.

Route 6-16


An entertaining and educational site developed for kids ages 6-16, parents, and teachers. Contains a playground with areas devoted to games and toys, art, music and books, movies and TV, outdoors and sports, oceans and space, animals, vacation and travel, and puzzles and hobbies. Site also features over 2,000 links.

The Sugar Bush


Site where children can enjoy themselves and make friends. Offers stories, crafts, projects and fun and educational adventures. Also contains a treasure hunt and links to other children sites.

Terrific Web Sites


Site developed by The Eastchester Middle School provides both educational and entertaining links for middle school students. Featuring two main categories, academic studies and fun sites for kids, several sub-categories, and multiple directories within each sub-category makes it easy to locate particular interests quickly.

Tessa's Cool Links for Kids


Web site created for pre-teens contains links to movies, coloring books, pictures, and software. Features both educational and amusing sites that will entertain your children.



Site features extensively illustrated stories, rhymes, fables, folk and fairy tales from around the world, plus discussion groups, games, contests, and information for parents. Also contains to their favorite educational sites.

Tristan and Tiffany's Daily Cool Stuff for Kids


Created by children for children, this site features links to many entertaining sites.

Uncle Bob's Kid's Page


Created for students K–12, this site features many links to "children safe" Web sites including news, world events, games, puzzles, trivia, and more.

Visa Olympics of the Imagination


Art contest challenging children worldwide ages 11-13 to draw or paint their own Olympic sport of the future. Includes instructions to teachers, previous winning pictures



Science fiction site for children. Contains stories, graphics, story ideas, and adventures.

World Surfari


Monthly virtual tour of a different country. Features information on the people, society, history, and other interesting facts of the particular country.

World Wide Kids, 'Welcome Aboard!


Site features links to books, games, and other fun stuff for kids on the Web. Also contains some original stories.

Xplore Kids


Web site designed for children to help them learn about animals, find a penpal, publish art and stories, work on projects for school or play games and have fun.

Youth Central Community


Site designed for kids by kids. Features children's news, a poster contest, poems, stories, shareware, entertainment, pictures, sports, and much more.

Youth Connection


A youth oriented forum which includes sections on art, money, games, and more. Also contains many links designed for children.



Web site search engine for children containing sections devoted to history, the arts, politics, computers and games, entertainment, sports and recreation, daily news events weather, and comics. Also features a school section that contains programs and homework answers.

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